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GPS Bluetooth Communication Headset
  • Latest Bluetooth 5.1 specification
  • Headset for phone talking
  • Support 2 headsets intercom
  • Stereo music sharing
  • A2DP Hi-Fi stereo music play
  • Multi-source audio mixing
  • Up to 500 meters intercom distance in open space
  • GPS logger & Location tracking
  • Free iOS and Android WinTalk App
  • Speed camera detector(Option)

GPS Bluetooth Communication Headset

  • Latest Bluetooth 5.1
  • GPS logger & Location tracking
  • Free Android iOS App for headset control


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Thank you for your notice on Winstouch GPS Bluetooth Communication Headset Product. This product is well-designed with the latest Bluetooth 5.1 audio mesh technology. It is not only to have basic Bluetooth headset functions, but to design more specially features, like multiple audio sources mixing, 2 riders voice communication, and stereo music sharing. Allow you to get a better user experience whether it is put on a helmet when riding a motorcycle/bike, or tied to an arm when working. Especially, this is world's first Bluetooth Communication Headset integrated with GPS function. The device will help you record the GPS trace automatically, and easily view your trace on Google map from our free APPs.






Latest Bluetooth 5.1 specification


Bluetooth headset

Connect the smart phone for hands free calling

Group communication

Support full duplex intercom with 2 headsets


Stereo music sharing

Stereo music sharing between 2 headsets from smart phone


Bluetooth music

A2DP Hi-Fi stereo music


Music remote control

A2DP music remote control (play, pause, forward, backward)


Internal audio mixing

Music playing and group communication works at the same time


External audio mixing

Mix in other audio source from external Bluetooth device (like Navigator or Speed camera) during phone calling, music playing or group communication


Voice prompts

Friendly voice prompts when user operation and system reminder


Communication distance

Up to 500 meters intercom distance in open space


GPS logger

Recording your position and path


(Option) Speed camera detector

GPS Speed Camera Detector Alert


(Option) Speed camera detector audio mixing

Mix in GPS speed camera detector alert voice during phone calling, music playing or group communication


Hardware buttons

Power, and group communication button

Volume control and music switch button x 2

Phone answer/end and music play/pause button


LED indicator

Blue light for Bluetooth status indication

Red light for power status indication

GPS light for GPS status indication


Battery life

8 hours under continually music playing and GPS data logging


External power

Support external 5V power input to extend operating time



Free Android & iOS APP for product control












1. Operating temperature : 0 ~ 55
2. Storage temperature : -30 ~ 85





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